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Mot de bienvenue du directeur de l'école

Thank you for considering Jersey College for Girls as the place to continue your learning. 

Let me try and be clear about what our ambition to create the very best educational experience for you actually means by writing a pen portrait of a student leaving JCG at the end of Year 13. 

‘This student will enjoy life to the full, value their friendships and achieve balance in their life. They will have a thirst for knowledge and already possess a broad understanding of the cultural, historical, geographical and scientific events and ideas which have fashioned their island and their world, and an eagerness to discover more. They will be a rigorous and imaginative thinker. 

They will have a good range of hobbies and interests, including the Arts and sport, which they want to pursue. They will leave us with an excellent record of achievement for an academically-demanding course at university or employment which will lead to a stimulating career. They will have the ambition, motivation and staying power which will equip them to study independently and successfully at either. They will apply for internships, work experience and voluntary work in their holidays. 

They will have grown as an individual who is happy, well mannered and able to find fulfilment in their service to others. They will be thoughtful, open-minded and be able to lead. They will be conscious of the advantages they have enjoyed and of the opportunities and obligations such advantages should bring. They will want to have a positive impact on their community and the world. 

They will have happy and lasting memories of their time at College and an admiration for those people who have nurtured and shaped their learning.’ 

All our efforts are dedicated to giving you every chance of being this person. 

Believe you can.

Carl Howarth