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All parents want their children to be happy, successful, well-rounded individuals. Whilst no school can guarantee ‘happiness’, at JCG we seek to develop a student’s sense of self, their confidence to embrace challenges with a smile and their understanding of where to find support, secure in the knowledge that this will always be given.

We believe that it is artificial to separate pastoral from academic care as the two are intrinsically linked. Our student support team has a detailed overview, understanding and appreciation of each student in the school and the progress she is making in all aspects of her development. On joining the school students are assigned to a tutor group. They meet with their tutor twice each day; the tutor gets to know the students in his or her form group very well. The tutor is also the first point of contact for parents. Tutors usually stay with their form groups throughout the College and monitor their wellbeing, progress and extra-curricular participation. In addition to the tutor team, students have access to full-time counsellor provision, assistant heads of school and teaching assistants who are trained to deliver emotional as well as academic support. Each year group is overseen by their Head of School or Head of Sixth Form, led by the Assistant Head Progress and Welfare.