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JCG Sixth Form is the next step for students in preparation for life after school. It is a place for students to thrive, meet new people, and connect with the subjects they love and wish to pursue further. This allows you to grow as an individual academically as well as flourish in extra activities. Sixth Form students are encouraged to nurture their wellbeing and strive to be the best they can be by the time they leave JCG.

A levels 

The change from GCSE to A level may seem intimidating, but it allows each student to pursue and focus on the subjects they are most passionate about in depth. There is a wide range of subjects available for students to pick from, including some that wouldn’t previously have been available in the earlier stages of education, such as Politics, Psychology and Media. In the Sixth Form, students collaborate with the neighbouring schools, to offer students more variety in their studies and the opportunity to work collaboratively with peers from other schools. A levels offer more independence to students; this is approached in a variety of ways, allowing students to approach their learning in a way they see best fit to them. As part of this, students in the Sixth Form are given one hour of proactive study a day to further their understanding in their chosen subjects outside of the classroom. As well as this, students are provided the opportunity to develop their life skills and good work ethic through an hour a week of enrichment, these sessions vary from external speakers to workshops. A levels act as a gateway to further education and career opportunities so everyone can leave JCG with confidence in what their future will hold. 


At the heart of the school is the SSLT. This is the opportunity for students to pursue action and take initiative in leading students in their chosen role. There is a range of academic prefects for each branch of subjects, house captains, lower and upper school prefects of whom all are guided by the head girl team. This gives the team a sense of responsibility while also developing skills in organisation and communication. The personal development we have all felt from these roles is astonishing. It lets each student have the possibility of leaving their own legacy and having an impact on the events that happen here. The wonderful handover assembly takes place before the last term of the academic year so does not interrupt exams. In year 12 we also offer the roles of junior prefects to help run clubs, clinics and activities for younger students. Peer mentoring is also available to help students guide the college community. 


Alongside your A level studies, you are also provided with the elective programme, you an do activities from physical activities to opputunies to learn something new and different to your subjects or even qualifications for example the EPQ or TEFL. Every Year 12 student participates in this programme as an opportunity to broaden their horizons and in topics not part of the set curriculum or to do something fun to break up your academic day. We have absolutely loved the electives this past year and we encourage you to get stuck in and do something new! 


Here at JCG, there is something for everyone in our extra-curricular programme. From the annual school production, to sports clubs covering a variety of different sports, to music clubs such as our Chamber Choir, and Orchestra to name a few. Students in the Sixth Form are also heavily encouraged to start up clubs for students if they can’t find something that is there already. Many of these clubs also feed into our House competitions, including things such as sports competitions, fundraisers and many more! The activities at JCG are endless, from week to week you can be sure to see something happening in the College that you can get stuck into or help run. This is not only an amazing way to meet students from across the school, but it will also help to enrich your time in the Sixth Form.

From the Head and Deputy Head Girls Amelia Maddison, Head Girl and Jamie Simpson and Grace Voisin, Deputy Head Girls