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Entry Requirements: GCSE Art or Textiles grade 5 or a recent portfolio of Art and Design to demonstrate interest | Exam Board: AQA

Why Study Textiles? 

A level Textiles is a diverse and exciting option, providing students with the opportunity to complete an in-depth, practical study of a range of approaches to creative fashion and textiles design within an art context. Students will be encouraged to explore their own individual style and interests throughout a series of varied and challenging projects which will enable them to try many new and experimental materials and techniques. Students are introduced to a wide variety of textile media, including print, surface decoration, fabric manipulation and hand and machine embroidery. Students will have the opportunity to create art pieces, interior and fashion items using traditional or non-traditional methods. Drawing skills for textiles and fashion design will be developed using various media. Students will be encouraged to develop their own ideas and to produce a body of work on set and chosen themes, this consists of practical work and relevant research into historical and contemporary textiles or fashion. 

Le cours 

Année 12 

The students will have hands on experience with renowned artists and practitioners which will lead to a collection of many different textile samples, recordings, and outcomes from various starting points. This year’s emphasis is on experimentation, research, development and investigation. They will complete a series of short practical modules designed to build confidence in experimentation and sampling in a variety of media and techniques and build portfolio work. 

The students will also have experience working with a live brief and gain an insight into the creative design industry such as The Royal Opera House’s Prestigious Annual Design Challenge competition and Junk Kouture. This opportunity tests and develops the students’ design skills and practical knowledge. 

Année 13 

The emphasis on this year will be on completing a set of final pieces. The students will complete one extensive coursework project called a Personal Investigation, this is a major project that has personal significance and includes a related personal study (final essay up to 2,000 words). They will immerse themselves in the work of various artists who will influence the direction of their studies, they will experiment towards a final piece and record visually and in writing – worth 60%. There is also a controlled assessment (worth 40%) delivered in a very similar way. In the Controlled Assessment the students will have up to 10 weeks planning: responding to artists, experimenting, recording and preparation to produce a final outcome during a 15 hour practical exam. 


Throughout the two-year course we will take advantage of the diverse range of temporary exhibitions available locally. If possible, there will be a chance to visit major exhibitions in the UK and abroad. Whenever they are available, we like to bring in practising artists and craftspeople to show their work and to hold practical workshops designed to augment your creative skills. You will be encouraged to enter your work for local and national competitions. 


Mrs B Padidar B.A [email protected]