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Équipe de direction des élèves

As part of the Sixth Form at JCG, you can become a member of the Senior Student Leadership Team (SSLT) which acts as a fundamental pillar in the infrastructure of the College as a whole. 

The SSLT consists of both junior and senior roles and we can be easily spotted in our black and red robes, and we are always in and around the College, with a smile on our faces, eager to help. 

Being a Junior Prefect enables students from Year 12 to experience greater responsibility and gain an insight into this busy yet rewarding leadership role. The Senior Student Leadership Team (SSLT) consists of positions that are applied for during the spring term of Year 12 – two Drama Captains, two Eco Captains, two Music Captains, two Creativity Captains and two Sports Captains, twelve House Captains and a team of ten Senior Prefects (five Faculty and five School and IDEA). The SSLT is led by the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls, positions which cannot be applied for, but which are awarded following staff nominations. 

We believe that the SSLT acts as a voice for the College as we, along with the rest of the Sixth Form students at JCG, are all truly passionate about our school and aim to do the best that we can to help the College and the students within it grow and prosper. We would hope that in joining our Sixth Form and perhaps our SSLT, you will hold this same belief.