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Mathématiques complémentaires

Entry Requirements: A minimum grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics | Exam Board: OCR

Why Study Further Mathematics? 

Mathematics is an incredibly broad subject. It ranges from concepts as simple as basic counting to ideas as abstract as imaginary numbers; from calculating the probability of selecting two red beads from a bag of red and yellow beads to explaining the forces that hold the universe together. A level Mathematics only scratches the surface of possibilities in mathematics, so a student with a real desire to understand fully this beautiful and powerful subject should consider choosing Further Mathematics as well. In Further Mathematics students begin to fully understand the common themes that link different areas of mathematics together. 

Le cours 

We follow OCR’s A level Further Mathematics from 2017 (Spec A). Students study Further Mathematics over two years alongside A level Mathematics. The course content is comprised of 2 Pure Core units, a Further Mechanics unit and a Further Additional Pure unit. 

In Pure Core, learners will extend and deepen their knowledge of proof, algebra, functions, calculus, vectors and differential equations studied in A level Mathematics. They will also learn to work with complex numbers, matrices, polar coordinates and hyperbolic functions. In Further Additional Pure students cover group theory, number theory, recurrence relations, further vectors and surfaces. 

In Mechanics, learners extend their knowledge of particles, kinematics and forces from A level Mathematics, covering dimensional analysis, work, energy, power, impulse, momentum, centres of mass, circular motion and variable force. 


Further Mathematics is regarded as almost essential for degrees in mathematics, physics or engineering, and is very useful in other areas including finance, actuarial work, accountancy, financial modelling, investment banking; computing, games design, internet security, telecommunications; mathematical biology, population modelling, epidemics and vaccination, and statistics. 

Because of its highly specialised nature, Further Mathematics classes are usually quite small. This allows a greater degree of individual coaching and support. 

Students who wish to study Mathematics at university are encouraged to study for the STEP qualification alongside their A level study.  


Mr S Lewis M.A [email protected]