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Entry Requirements: A minimum grade 6 in GCSE French | Exam Board: Edexcel

 Why Study French? 

Look at where you live! France is our closest neighbour, just a stone’s throw away and we can see it from Jersey. French is an important part of our Jersey heritage which makes us different from the rest of Britain. You will have a much wider range of options open to you at university if you study a language. The knowledge of another language makes the difference when applying for a job and the discipline acquired from the study of a foreign language is well regarded by both employers and universities. They know that a linguist will have strong analytical and communication skills and that these will be an asset to them. 

Beyond our horizon, French is spoken across the five continents and is a key language in global business and industry. 

Le cours 

Students will foster a range of transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research skills and creativity, focusing on how French-speaking society has been shaped, socially and culturally, and how it continues to change. 

During the first year, students will study how the French family model continues to evolve, the celebration of multiculturalism and diversity in France, far-right political ideologies, social media and the rise of fake news, and the Nazi Occupation of France during World War Two. 

In the second year, students look at the French education system and the French work place. They also look at culture and celebrations across the French speaking world, and unique Francophone heritage: from traditional cuisine to impressive works of architecture and art. Furthermore, students will delight in learning about French music from different French-speaking countries, including North-African inspired rap to international pop and electronic music artists such as David Guetta and Daft Punk. 

In addition, students study both a film and a literary text linked to the topics covered broadening their knowledge of French culture and society. They will be assessed in the four skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading. 


Language learning at JCG is not confined to the classroom. You will have the opportunity to take part in a home stay study visit to Rouen and organise your own work experience in France. 

Each year, JCG linguists go on to study university courses ranging from languages to law, politics to medicine. Studying a language at A level provides excellent preparation for a wide range of careers including journalism, law, finance and teaching. 

Studying A level French will broaden your horizons and open up a whole host of careers and opportunities to you. 

Did you know that French is... 

  • Spoken by 270 million people worldwide? 
  • Spoken in 35 different countries? 
  • An official language of the UN, the European Commission and Jersey? 
  • The language of love, diplomacy, wonderful literature, films...?


Mrs J Vernaglione B.A [email protected]