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Conseil des étudiants

Our Student Council has been set up in order to develop ways for our students to understand and consider issues affecting them and express their views on them. The Student Council gives students a means by which they can discuss and share opinions, contribute ideas and be consulted on policy decisions, problem solving and other matters related to their learning, our College environment and the running of JCG. 

The Student Council comprises of a representative from each form group and is led by our Head Girl Team. The meetings are held separately for Lower School, Year 9 and 10 and for Year 11 and 12. Year 13 contribute their views to the agenda through the weekly Prefect Meeting.

We have a dedicated email address so that students can contact the student council directly.If you have any ideas to promote student voice or would like to get more involved, please contact the Head Girl Team or Miss Rollo on [email protected] we look forward to hearing from you.