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Feedback LEAP

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program because it was an incredible opportunity that not many young women have access to. I am extremely interested in entrepreneurship, and this program has taught me a lot about leading a team, collaboration, and starting and running a business. Jersey was the perfect location for this incubator because I felt safe at all times to explore the island and take advantage of its resources. “                        

Taryn: The Brearley School, USA 

“I want to thank you for a wonderful week of LEAP. I had a fantastic time collaborating with my team and was happy to learn that I can connect with people from entirely different places and work together to come up with a project that was well-developed and successful. You selected an excellent set of speakers who presented information that was pertinent to the project we were developing. After delivering engaging presentations, they visited our project stations and instead of a passive comment of approval, gave us constructive advice specific to our business model. I came to Jersey lacking any experience in business but with an open mind and now feel that I have a solid foundation of knowledge that I look forward to applying in my future leadership opportunities. Your constant encouragement was really appreciated as my team worked our hardest the past nine days to apply all of the tools you gave us. I am incredibly grateful for you and the rest of the LEAP team. Thank you for lifetime memories and skills. I hope to visit Jersey sometime again. “                        

Celine: St Mary’s Academy, USA

“It was a great experience I have learnt a lot about myself and confidence. I have met some amazing people that without this programme I would have never met. Thank you.”   

Amelia: Jersey College for Girls, Jersey

 “Leap has been an intense, educational and eye opening experience for me. It has shown me my full potential, expanding my horizons, and allowing me to interact with amazing people from all around the world. It gave me a taste of entrepreneurship and leadership, tapping into my competitive side. My team was a diverse group of girls all with the same drive and ambition. I will implement the skills I have learned on this trip in my academic and personal life, as these are life long lessons. I plan to continue with our business as I believe it has potential to become successful. “                        

Hibo: Green Hills Academy, Rwanda 

“This programme was great! i have learned quite a lot things for life and im really thankful for this. Some speakers were extremly helpful and inspiring.I also loved the trips to the beaches.”                       

Leonie: Stiftsgymnasium Wilhering, Austria 

“What I love about this program is that we can listen to the speeches of the entrepreneurs to get a closer look at what entrepreneurship looks like in real life, and to have the opportunity to actually execute the project we created.  Also, being able to meet different people from all over the world, communicate and get to know each other, genuinely expand my international horizons. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity. “                            

Wensing: Zhongshan Girls' High School, Taiwan 

“Firstly I can definitely say that it was the best 10 days of my life. I learned so much things from you. I really enjoyed spending time in Jersey, JCG. Yes maybe I didn’t get very good feedback from the dragon’s, I don’t care. Because the experience and friendships is the best part. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for giving me scholarship, chance to attend this program. I’m so grateful.”                       

Ezgi: Şahinkaya Academy 1418, Turkey 

“Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity, it has been brilliant to interact with people all over the world and construct a project plan in such little time. We hope to continue G.L.O.W International and that is all thanks to LEAP.I think that LEAP is an amazing opportunity that should be opened up to everyone from all over the world, different classes and all genders (as I know many boys who would also we interested in a programme like this).I will forever remember this and refer to LEAP, it has given me an amazing head start on something that could become quite big. I will be sure to inform other about LEAP and what it brings.Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity, it has been amazing!”          

Isla: Les Quennevais School, Jersey 

“I found LEAP a great experience. I was very surprised at how quickly and well I got along with my teammates. It was very challenging, however I learnt a lot about myself and it improved my confidence a lot. It’s something I would definitely recommend, especially if your looking to create a business in the future as you learn a lot about doing that.”                

Hannah: Les Quennevais School, Jersey 

“This program has been such an amazing experience! I honestly don’t have any negative feedback because I know everything that I’ve learned will be so incredibly helpful in the future. The speakers were great and so was the team building! Everything has been incredible and I hope this program continues to grow next year!”                        

Madeline: Regina Dominican High School, USA 

“This experience truly has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope that everyone else in the future enjoys it as much as we have - making new friends, meeting inspirational people and experiencing how to create a business!”                        

Talia:  Les Quennevais School, Jersey 

“LEAP has been an educational experience where I met new people from all over the world and made new life long friends. The challenges and life skills I will take away from this experience will help me better my communication, teamwork, and work ethic. I am so grateful for this program and everyone who works so hard to make it happen. These ten days have been truly magical  and something I will never forget. “                        

Evelyn: Harpeth Hall School, USA 

“I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I have. Lots of the speakers were really interesting and made me want to know more about their job. I loved meeting people from different places, with different views on the world and I'm really going to miss them. I'd never had the slightest interest in business, but I still had so much fun learning about setting one up and I'm excited to start our project in the real world. It also really improved my teamwork, I normally get frustrated with people when it can't just be what I want, but everyone had great input and made our project better.”                        

Amelie: Jersey College for Girls, Jersey 

“I had the most wonderful time thank you so much for this amazing opportunity I really enjoyed myself. I always thought my life path was straight forward and that I knew what I would become but after this event I have seriously considered going into business. I met so many amazing people in so many different parts of life and I experienced moments that I will never forget. Thank you so much for organising this event.”                        

Anna: Jersey College for Girls, Jersey 

“This is a once in a lifetime experience! We have had the most amazing speakers who have sparked so much confidence and passion in us. I could walk away now without winning any money and feel like I won with how much I have learned and grown to love! I can confidently say that entrepreneurship will never stop being my passion after listening to countless inspirational journeys! I have made an amazing group of international friends who have ignited a passion for travel and international collaboration in the future of my business!”                        

Marykate: Beaumont Catholic School, USA