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LEAP Rwanda Feedback

“In all honesty LEAP was one of the best opportunities I HAVE EVER GOT in my life, I never knew I had it in me, being a person who suffers from severe social anxiety, I wasextremely proud of my teammates and myself for not crying in front of the judges. I am extremely grateful to Joas for telling me about LEAP, and extremely grateful to Mr Peter and Mary, you guys are the most supportive people I have ever met, I have never laughed as much as I laughed during LEAP! I enjoyed putting a smile on people’s faces even if said something dumb it was all worth my time. Despite being discouraged by the amount we were given to start the NGO, the team and I have decided to go on with the project, and hopefully, we will give similar opportunities to the children that have no hope in life. To close off I am extremely happy for my friend that got the opportunity to go to Jersey, and every other girl who participated, they are like the sisters I never had!” Keza, Green Hills Academy

“The leap program was amazing. I liked everything that we did. The program opened my eyes and that I also can become whatever I want to be.” Brunella, Agahozo Shalom Youth Village

“I am very grateful to have had the immense opportunity to attend the LEAP program Rwanda. I love that it challenged me to work in a team of people I wasn’t used to. That in the end become very good friends! I loved learning new ideas for other people and contributing mine as well. It was truly insightful and very fun!!! Thank you.” NDILIMA, Gashora Girls Academy

"This was an amazing opportunity to help connect and interact and form connections with different was a fun experience and I personally gained a lot of different skill. I really appreciate you for starting this program and giving young girls such an opportunity. " Esther, King David Academy

"One thing I came to appreciate was that the groups were randomly assigned. Being placed in a group with people who had different backgrounds and skill sets helped me to be more open to teamwork and collaboration because if it had been otherwise I would have partnered up with my friends which would have been counterproductive and not as fun plus it was fair too. I also appreciated the opportunity to learn from professionals and actual entrepreneurs during the training sessions. The advice that they provided was incredibly helpful and relevant to not only the projects that we were working on but to the future as well. I feel that I gained a lot of valuable insights that I can apply to my future business ventures. Thank you again for organizing this program and for giving me the opportunity to participate. I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge that I gained to my future endeavors." Princia, Green Hills Academy

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the whole leap community for for taking the time to consider hosting leap in Rwanda. It was a very good and educative experience for me and my colleagues, we learned a lot from this program, the wonderful speakers and and mostly from you, the help you gave us, the support and the hope you had in us was honestly amazing. Other than that I acquired different skills that I believe I will use in future. I also also made wonderful friends who I met because of this program. Even though the program is over but at least I got a lot from it not just educative skills but also friends that will always be with me. I’m grateful for a lot but I’m mostly grateful for being offered the chance to put my entrepreneurial stills to action." Deborah, Green Hills Academy