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Lilli from Austria

"A year ago, I did not know that Jersey existed. Now I am back from my one-month-exchange from Jersey and I have to admit that this was the best time of my life. 

I had the pleasure to be accommodated in probably the best host family I could ever think of. Apart from that, I made lots of adorable new friends at JCG. Even though I went to school daily, it felt more like a holiday, because you are constantly surrounded by several gorgeous beaches as the Island is so small. I had the pleasure to play beach volleyball with my host dad weekly and I spend lots of time together with my friends at the weekend. 

Being a student at JCG was an awesome experience as well. I really enjoyed the welcoming environment and the lessons with teachers being so eager to teach us vital things in an exciting way. Moreover, I was surprised by the students mindset, as they are really aspiring to get best grades. Together we spend a productive but enjoyable time at the school’s library, doing our homework or studying. 

All in all, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to spend time going to school in another country and being surrounded by so many lovely people. If I could, I would have stayed longer, but I am definitely planning to come back soon. Thanks to everyone for contributing to my unforgettable experience. “