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Student Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) for use of technology in College

We believe that technology and the internet provide many opportunities for learning, communication, creativity and freedom of expression. However, with advances in technology comes responsibility and a need for maturity. It is essential that all students respect the privacy of others, protect their own online safety and reputation, and are aware that inappropriate use of technology can cause distress and harm to others, and lead to anti-social behaviour.  

This is why we need you to read and agree to the following Acceptable Use Agreement: to help manage and reduce any risk of harm to yourself and others, and to help you make informed decisions and to take responsibility for your online life.  

The only device you need to bring to College is a device for learning (iPad) connected to the College filtered wireless network. Using the College network will help us protect you from inappropriate and potentially distressing content. 

If your parents allow you to bring a personal mobile device (smartphone) to College, we require you to use it in accordance with this agreement so that your use of the internet (outside of the College’s filtered network) remains safe.  

When using a device for learning on the College network, I agree to the following AUA:  

  • I know that the College networks are monitored and by connecting to the networks I give consent for this monitoring to take place.  
  • I will password/passcode protect my device.  
  • I will not share my username and passwords with other users. 

When using a personal mobile device in College, I agree to the following AUA:

  •   I will not attempt to access any inappropriate content (including violent, discriminatory or sexualised material, or anything with an age restriction beyond my age) that might cause distress. 
  • I understand that devices brought into College are done so at the owner’s own risk. 

When using any device in College, I agree to the following AUA:

  •  I will not use messaging Apps during lesson time.                     
  • I will turn off notifications to avoid distractions to my learning.                      
  • I will not use Social Media or Messaging Apps to cause hurt or embarrassment to another person.                     
  • I will not take photos or video/audio recordings of another person without their permission.                     
  • I will not take photos or video/audio recordings of others with the intention to cause hurt or embarrassment.  
  • I will not post/publish/upload to Office365 OneDrive images or video/audio recordings of other people on the internet (unless student is instructed by teacher).
  • If I see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that makes me concerned for my personal safety or that of others, I will report it immediately to a member of College staff. 
  • If I see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that is likely to cause hurt or embarrassment to a student, member of staff at JCG or someone known to me, I will report it immediately to a member of College staff.  
  • I understand that bullying, whether online or offline, will not be tolerated.   
  • I will not store any personal school-based data on web-based (cloud) services (e.g. iCloud and GoogleDrive) that are hosted outside Jersey unless permitted by the school and agreed by the Jersey Data Protection Commissioner.  
  • I understand that the College may need to inspect my device when there is a cause for concern. Any inspections will be carried out only by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. I am entitled to insist that a parent/guardian is present throughout any inspection, and they will be informed prior to any such inspection. If I refuse an inspection request, I may be refused permission to use my device in school. In cases of serious concern, a refusal may result in the involvement of external agencies including the police.

Withdrawal of consent 

Contravening the terms of this agreement may result in the following consequences: 

  • For a device for learning: being required to have the device enrolled on the Jamf platform, and/or having network access restricted on the device. 
  • For a personal mobile device: no longer being allowed to bring the device into College or being required to leave the device in the care of College staff during the school day