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Frais internationaux

International Students School Year 2022/23

Application Fee £100

Payable with the Application Form (non-refundable)

Guarantee Deposit £4,000

Payable with acceptance of a place and refunded on leaving

Fees and homestay costs for long term students*

Key Stage 3 and 4, Years 7 – 11 £12,000 per term

Key Stage 5, Years 12 – 13 £12,500 per term

*Minimum of one year

Fee and homestay costs for short stay students*

Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, Years 7 – 13 £950 per week

*Minimum of four weeks

ESOL fees

£50 per hour

Additional Information

JCG can assist with the arrangement of activities and Home Boarding during holiday periods.

Above fees include all meals, books (except special books which the students retain) and stationery.

Additional on and off-island trips and excursions will incur costs as appropriate at the time.